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Brand: A-one Alloy
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1RK91 is a precipitation hardening stainless steel specifically designed for applications requiring high

strength combined with good ductility in the final product and high formability in the as-delivered condition.

The strength is increased after ageing of the final product.

Advantages of 1RK91 stainless steel

Excellent mechanical properties; very high tensile strength and hardness levels can be achieved

Corrosion resistance comparable to ASTM 304L or ASTM 316L depending on condition

Retained mechanical properties at temperatures up to at least 400°C (750°F)

Very good relaxation properties

Good weldability

Equal grade

UNS S46910

ASTM A564-2004


1RK91 could be used for surgical suture needles, blood lancets and dental tools (taps, reamers, screw drivers).

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