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Karma wire
Brand: A-one Alloy
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Karma is an improved type of  electrical resistance alloy.


l    Wide range of work temperature

l    Good mechanical processing performance

l    Karma alloy wire made up of chromium, nickel, aluminum  andiron

l    Resistivity is 2 to 3 times higher than manganin

l    Lower temperature coefficient of resistance(TCR), lower  thermalEMF versus copper, good permanence of resistance for long period  oftime and strong anti-oxidation

l    Working temperature range is wider than manganin

l    Suitable for making fine precision resistance elements  andstrain


Miniature high resistance precision wire-wound  resistors in instrument, precision resistor, slide resistor, precision resistor,  standard resistor,self-compensating resistance strain  gage wire grid in temperature below 400 degree centigrade, special resistance  components that is vibration resistance, impact resistance, corrosion  resistance, radiation resistance

Equal grades

6J22 China grade

Chemical composition  (%)

C≤0.04,P≤0.01, S≤0.01,Si≤0.20,Cr=19.0~21.5,  Al=2.7~3.2, Fe=2.0~3.0, Mn=0.5~1.5, Ni=balance


In accordance with national and international standards  as well as individual specifications of   our customers

Forms of Waspaloy  available from A-one Alloy

Wire, strip, fine wire,

Min wire diameter: 0.016mm


Plenty of wire and strip in stock.  Fast delivery within 2 weeks for customized products.