Product Detail
FeGa alloy-Galfenol
Brand: A-one Alloy
Original: 0.00

FeGa Alloy(Galfenol) is a magnetostrictive alloy comprised primarily of the elements iron (Fe) and gallium (Ga).

It was hypothesized that other magnetostrictive alloys had to exist that combined the mechanical robustness of Ni and the giant magnetostrictive response of Terfenol-D.

Galfenol exhibits a unique combination of mechanical and magnetostrictive (magnetic) properties that legacy smart materials do not.

Composition: Fe83Ga17

Magnetostriction λ,ppm(125~500 Oe, 12~36MPa):  180~300


Curie Temperature(TC),℃:>760

Relative Permeability(μr):32~180


Tensile Strength(σb),MPa:>450

Product size range:

Bar: diameter φ6~25mm

Strip: thickness<1mm

Wire: diameter<φ3 mm(stock size: diameter 0.80mm)