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Nitronic 60(S21800)
Brand: A-one Alloy
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Nitronic* 60(UNS S21800)


Nitronic 60 stainless steel provides a  significantly lower cost alternative to fight wear and galling compared to  cobalt and high nickel alloys.


Nitronic 60’s uniform corrosion resistance  exceeds SS304 in most media. Chloride pitting resistance is superior to SS316  and room temperature yield strength is twice of SS304 or SS316. Nitronic 60  offers excellent high temperature oxidation resistance and low temperature impact  resistance.


Outstanding galling resistance at both  room temperature and elevated temperatures makes Nitronic 60  Stainless Steel a valuable material for  valve stems; seats and trim; fastening systems, including nuts and bolts;  chain drive systems; pins, bushings and bearings; and pump components such as  wear rings and lobes.  Nitronic® 60 is  the most effective wear and galling resistant material for bridge pins and is  used in hydroelectric dam wear applications.   Cavitation erosion resistance of Nitronic 60 is superior to the  austenitic stainless steels as well as duplex stainless steels making it  highly successful for wear rings in vertical centrifugal pumps.  The combination of Nitronic 60 and Nitronic  50 has replaced cobalt wear alloys in some cases.  The use of Nitronic 60 weld overlay on most  other stainless steels and certain carbon steels develops sound deposits with  wear galling resistant properties about equal to an all weld deposit.

Equal grades

UNS S21800

Chemical  composition

Ni=8.00~9.00,Cr=16.00~18.00,Mn=7.00~9.00,Si=3.5~4.5,C≤0.10,N=0.08~0.18,S≤0.030,P≤0.060, Fe=remainder


AMS 5848 Bar / Forgings/ Wire

ASTM A193 Grade B8S

ASTM A194 / ASME SA194

ASTM A276 / ASME SA276

ASTM A479 / ASME A479


ASME SA479 Grade B8S

UNS S21800

Forms available  at A-one Alloy

Bar, forging, ring, plate, strip, wire


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* Nitronic® is a registered trademark of AKSteel.