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Nitronic 50(XM-19)
Brand: A-one Alloy
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Nitronic* 50(UNS S20910)


Nitronic 50 Stainless Steel is a high  Nitrogen, Molybdenum bearing austenitic stainless steel that provides  corrosion resistance superior to Types 316L and 317L with nearly twice the  yield strength at room temperature.


Nitronic 50 possesses good mechanical properties  at both elevated and sub-zero temperatures.   Unlike other austenitic stainless steel, Nitronic 50 does not become  magnetic when cold worked or cooled to sub-zero temperatures.


Outstanding corrosion resistance of Nitronic  50 gives it advantage where 316L or 317L are only marginally effective in petroleum,  petrochemical, fertilizer, nuclear fuel handling, paper & pulp, food  processing and marine applications.   The combination of corrosion resistance and strength lead to  applications in marine hardware and boat and pump shafting.  

Nitronic® 50 also sees uses in oil field production and below-out  preventer hydraulic manifold blocks. NACE has included Nitronic® 50 into  their standards for “Sulfide Stress Cracking Resistance…” leading to oil  field “down-hole” applications and refinery application. High strength,  corrosion resistance, and low magnetic permeability also make Nitronic 50 a  suitable material for medical implants.

Equal grades

UNS S20910, XM-19

Chemical composition  (%)



AMS 5764,

ASTM A240,

ASTM A276,

ASTM A312,

ASTM A314,

ASTM A403,

ASTM A479,

ASTM F1314,

NACE MR0175/ISO 15156-3,


Forms available  at A-one Alloy

Bar, plate, ring, forging


Huge stock of bars. Customized bars  could be delivered with 2 weeks.

* Nitronic is a registered trademark of AKSteel.