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904L is an austenitic alloy designed  for middle to high level of corrosion resistance. The alloy contains high  levels of chromium and nickel with additions of molybdenum and copper to  provide added corrosion resistance. The high nickel (25%) and molybdenum  (4.5%) contents of 904L provide good resistance to chloride stress corrosion  cracking, general and chloride pitting corrosion resistance above the levels  of 316 and 317 stainless. The copper addition in 904L provides added  resistance to hot phosphoric acid and dilute sulfuric acid.


• Very good  resistance to uniform corrosion

• Good to  exceptionally good resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion

• Very good  resistance to various types of stress corrosion cracking

• Very good ductility

• Good weldability

• Excellent  formability


• Process equipment in chemical industry

• Bleaching equipment in the pulp and paper industry

• Flue gas cleaning

• Desalination

• Seawater handling

• Hydrometallurgy

• Food and beverage

• Pharmaceuticals

• Heat exchangers

Equal grades

N08904, 1.4539

Chemical composition  (%)

Carbon   0.02%  max    

Chromium      19.00-23.00%

Manganese    2.00% max    

Nickel     23.00-28.00%

Silicon     1.00% max    

Molybdenum  4.00-5.00%

Phosphorous  0.045% max  

Copper   1.00-2.00%

Sulphur   0.035% maxAl, S17700制作低温或超低温用各位、                                                                                                  


ASME SB-625, ASME SB-649, ASME SB-673, ASME SB-674, ASME SB-677

Forms available  at A-one Alloy

Sheet, plate, wire, rod, bar, pipe,  tube


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