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Invar* (INVAR 36)


Invar is a low expansion alloy consisting of 36%  Nickel, balance Iron. Invar Alloy exhibits extremely low expansion around  ambient temperatures, making Invar Alloy particularly useful in applications  where minimum thermal expansion and high dimensional stability is required,  such as in precision instruments like optoelectronic devices, optical and  laser benches, electronics, and other kinds of scientific instruments.


Low expansion rate up to 500°F

Readily weldable


Cathode Ray Tubes

Other application areas, such as  telecommunications, aeronautical and aerospace engineering, cryogenic  engineering (liquefied natural gas tankers) etc., require either high  dimensional stability with variation in temperature, or expansion characteristics  matched with those of other materials, such as glass, ceramics, or  composites.

Equal grades

Invar 36, NILO 36, Pernifer 36, 4J36, EN  1.3912, UNS K93600, UNS K93603, Werkstoff 1.3912

Chemical  composition

Ni=35.0~37.0, Fe=Remainder, Mo≤0.50, C≤0.1, Cu≤0.5, Mn≤0.60,  Si≤0.35, P≤0.025, S≤0.025, Cr≤0.5


ASTM F 1684-06

Forms available  at A-one Alloy

Sheet, strip, wire, rod, bar, tube,  capillary


Wire and strip could be delivered with  2 weeks. Delivery of other products please confirm with A-one Alloy.