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AL6XN is a super austenitic stainless  steel with outstanding resistance to chloride pitting, crevice corrosion and  stress corrosion cracking. AL6XN is a 6 moly alloy that was developed for and  is used in highly aggressive environments.   It has high nickel (24%), molybdenum (6.3%), nitrogen and chromium  contents that give it excellent resistance to chloride stress corrosion  cracking, chloride pitting, and exceptional general corrosion resistance.  AL6XN is primarily used for its improved pitting and crevice corrosion  resistance in chlorides. It is a formable and weldable stainless steel.

Because of its nitrogen content, AL6XN has greater tensile strength than  common Austenitic stainless, while retaining high ductility and impact  strength.

Density: 8.06g/cm3


l    Excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion  in chloride solutions

l    Practical immunity to stress corrosion in NaCl  environments

l    High Strength and toughness


l    Reverse osmosis desalination equipment and pumps

l    FGD Scrubbers

l    Chemical process tanks and pipelines

l    Seawater heat exchangers

l    Tall oil distillation columns and packing

l    Offshore oil and gas production equipment

l    Pulp bleaching plant washers, vats, press rolls and  pipelines

Equal grades

1.4501, UNS N08367, 00Cr20Ni24Mo6N

Chemical  composition

Ni=23.5~25.5, Cr=20.00~22.00,  Mo=6.00~7.00, C≤0.03, N=0.18~0.25, Mn≤2.0, Si≤1.00, P≤0.040, S≤0.030,  Cu≤0.75, Fe=remainder


ASTM B675, ASTM A312,

ASTM B676, ASTM A249,

ASTM B688, ASTM A240,

ASTM B691, ASTM A479,

ASTM B462, ASTM A182

Forms of Al-6XN  available at A-one Alloy

Plate, sheet, strip, wire, rod, bar,  forging, pipe, tube

Al-6XN sheet/plate in stock-Japan  & EU &US origin. We could do cutting, splitting and fabrication for  our customers.

Thickness of plates in stock: 0.40-60mm


Please contact A-one Alloy for  confirmation.

* AL-6XN® is a registered trademark of theAllegheny Ludlum Corporation