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Magnetostrictive waveguide wire
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Magnetostrictivewaveguide wire


A-one Alloy has  rich experience of supplying Magnetostrictive waveguide wire to customers  from worldwide. Our wire is widely used in Magnetostrictive level gauge/sensor.  We keep regular stock of wire of diameter 0.50mm/0.75mm/0.80mm.

Magnetostriction is a property of  ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, and cobalt. When placed in a  magnetic field, these materials change size and/or shape.

An important characteristic of a wire  made of a magnetostrictive material is the Wiedemann effect. When an axial  magnetic field is applied to a magnetostrictive wire, and a current is passed  through the wire, a twisting occurs at the location of the axial magnetic  field. The twisting is caused by interaction of the axial magnetic field,  usually from a permanent magnet, with the magnetic field along the  magnetostrictive wire, which is present due to the current in the wire.

The current is applied as a  short-duration pulse, -1 or 2 µs; the minimum current density is along the  center of the wire and the maximum at the wire surface. This is due to the  skin effect.

The magnetic field intensity is also  greatest at the wire surface. This aids in developing the waveguide twist. Since  the current is applied as a pulse, the mechanical twisting travels in the  wire as an ultrasonic wave. The magnetostrictive wire is therefore called the  waveguide.


λ//: 28ppm;



Linear Expansion coefficient: 8.5ppm/K  (@20-100°C)

Resistivity: 1.1μΩ·m

Tensile strength: >930MPa

Working temperature: -40~100°C

Elasticity modulus: 170~190Gpa

Shear modulus: 60~65GPa


Magnetostrictive level gauge, Magnetostrictive  sensor,

Sizes available  at A-one Alloy

Diameter 0.20~1.5mm. Stock size:  diameter 0.35mm/0.50mm/0.75mm/1.0mm/1.2mm. In reel or coil.


Stock items: within 3 days after  payment received. For customized diameter, the delivery is 30 days.