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Hiperco 50
Brand: A-one Alloy
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A-one Alloy has  rich experience of supplying Hiperco 50 strip & bar to customers  worldwide. And we keep regular stock of strip which enables us to make fast  delivery.

Hiperco50 has the highest magnetic  saturation of all soft-magnetic alloys and excels in application where this  attribute is needed. Hiperco 50 maintains its strength after heat treating  making it your best choice for application that experience high forces (e.g. rotating  parts).


l    Highest magnetic saturation in all soft magnetic alloys

l    High Curie point-980°C

l    High magnetostriction


l    Special motors for the aerospace industry

l    Electromagnets for medical applications

l    Electrical generators

l    Specialty transformers

l    Pole pieces for electromagnets

l    Magnetic bearings

l    High magnetic flux devices and instruments

Equal grades:

1J22(China), UNS R30005, Permendur, Supermendur

Typical composition

C=0.010,Mn=0.05,Si=0.05,Co=48.75,Nb=0.05,V=1.90,Fe=remainderAl, S17700制作低温或超低温用各位、                                                                                                  


ASTM A801 Standard Specification for  Wrought Iron-Cobalt High Magnetic Saturation Alloys (UNS R30005 and K92650)

Forms of Hiperco50 available at A-one  Alloy

Forged bar, hot rolled bar, cold drawn  bar, cold drawn wire, cold rolled strip


Plenty of cold rolled strips in stock.  Thickness: 0.25mm/0.35mm/0.40mm. For delivery of other products, kindly contact  A-one Alloy for confirmation.

*HiperCo is a registered trade mark ofCarpenter Technology Corporation