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Vicalloy Ⅰ
Brand: A-one Alloy
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Vicalloy I


Vicalloy is a family of  cobalt-iron-vanadium wrought permanently magnetic alloys. Vicalloy is  precipitation hardened and can be formed by a number of cold working  techniques. It is commonly used in electromechanical device applications,  such as Wiegand wires because it shows a large Wiegand effect.


l    Precipitation hardenable

l    Has good ductile before the precipitation hardening heat  treatment

l    Good cold work performance

l    Good corrosion resistance.

l    After precipitation hardening the hardness is as high  as up to HRC60.


Vicalloy Ⅰ has been used for  biasing magnets in meters and magnetic actuators, as magnetic coded devices,  field coils for DC motors and servos, and hysteresis motor laminations.  Special processed Vicalloy Ⅰ wire is used as Wiegand  wire because it shows a large Wiegand effect.

Equal grade

2J10 (China)

Typical chemical  composition



Per A-one Alloy company standard

Forms available  at A-one Alloy

Cold rolled strip

Thickness: 0.05-1.0mm

Width: 5-200mm

Wire diameter: Φ0.1~6.0mm

Bar diameter: Φ5-200mm


Strip of thickness 0.25mm/0.40mm in  stock

Bar: 25 days

Strip: 35 days

Wire of diameter 0.30/0.50mm in stock