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Haynes 25
Brand: A-one Alloy
Original: 0.00

Haynes 25(UNS R30605)


Haynes 25 is a Co-Ni-Cr-W alloy that combines  excellent high-temperature strength with good oxidation resistance.


HAYNES 25 is a  cobalt-nickel-chromium-tungsten alloy that combines excellent high-temperature  strength with good resistance to oxidizing environments up to 1800° F (980°  C) for prolonged exposures, and excellent resistance to sulfidation.  It can be fabricated and formed by conventional  techniques, and has been used for cast components.  Other attractive features include excellent  resistance to metal galling.


HAYNES 25 combines properties which  make it suitable for a number of component applications in the aerospace  industry, including parts in established military and commercial gas turbine engines.  In modern engines, it has largely been  replaced by newer materials such as HAYNES 188 alloy, and, most recently, Haynes  230 alloy, which possess improved properties.

Another area of significant usage for Haynes 25 is as a bearing  material, for both balls and races.

Equal grades

UNS R30605, L605, GH5605(China), Werkstoff  2.4964

Chemical  composition

C 0.05-0.15

Ni 9.00-11.0

Fe 3.00 max

Si 1.00 max

Mn 1.00-2.00

P 0.03 max

S 0.03 max

Cr 19.0-21.0

Co Remainder

W 14-16


AMS 5537 (sheet, strip and plate),

AMS 5759 (bar, rings and forgings),

AMS 5796 (welding wire),

AMS 5797 (coated welding electrodes).

Forms of product  available at A-one Alloy

Plate, sheet, strip, bar, forging, ring


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*Haynes is a registered trademark of HaynesInternational, Inc.