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Nimonic 90
Brand: A-one Alloy
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Nimonic 90*(UNS N07090/W. Nr.2.4632)


NIMONIC 90 (UNS N07090/W. Nr. 2.4632) is  a wrought nickel-chromium-cobalt base alloy strengthened by additions of  titanium and aluminum. It has been developed as an age-hardenable creep resisting  alloy for service at temperatures up to 920°C


High stress rupture strength and high  creep resistance at high temperatures

Good resistance to high-temperature corrosion and oxidation


High temperature dynamic applications


The alloy is used for turbine blades,  discs, forgings, ring sections and hot-working tools. Also used to make Aerospace  fasteners.

Equal grades

GH4090(China), Nickel Alloy 90, UNS  N07090, Werkstoff Nr. 2.4632, Werkstoff Br. 2.4969, NiCr20Co18Ti

Chemical  composition

C≤0.13, Cr=18.00~21.00, Co=15.00~21.00,  Al=1.00~2.00, Ti=2.00~3.00, Fe≤1.50, Zr=≤0.0150, B≤0.020, Si≤0.80, Mn≤0.40, Si≤0.015,  P≤0.020, Cu≤0.200, Ni=Remainder


AMS 5829

Forms of product  available at A-one Alloy

Plate, sheet, strip, bar, wire, rod,  pipe, tube, forging.


Available on request

*Nimonic is a registered trademark of SpecialMetals Group of Companies