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Nimonic 80A
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Nimonic* 80A(UNS N07080)


NIMONIC 80A (UNS N07080/W. Nr. 2.4952 &2.4631) is a  wrought, age-hardenable nickel-chromium alloy, strengthened by additions of  titanium, aluminum and carbon, developed for service at temperatures up to 815°C  (1500°F). It is produced by high-frequency melting and casting in air for  forms to be extruded. Electroslag refined material is used for forms to be forged.  Vacuum refined versions are also available. NIMONIC 80A is currently used for  gas turbine components (blades, rings and discs), bolts, nuclear boiler tube  supports, die casting inserts and cores, and for automobile exhaust valves.

NIMONIC 80A density:8.2g/cm3


Good creep resistance performance at  temperature 650°C~850°C.

Good resistance to oxidation at  temperature 650°C~850°C

Good cold and hot work performance

Good resistance to fatigue in serve  work conditions


Nimonic 80A could be used for gas  turbine components such as blades, rings and plates, etc.. Other applications  include bolts used in temperature and stress limit, the combustion engine  exhaust valve and other high strength parts. For example, the nuclear boiler  tube bracket, etc. The alloy is also suitable for high temperature springs,  especially in the condition of continuous stress under the working  conditions.

Equal grades

GH4080A(GH80A), W.Nr 2.4952, UNS  N07080, Nicrofer 7020 Ti,NiCr20TiAl

Chemical  composition

C≤0.10, Cr=18.00~21.00, Al=0.50~1.80,  Ti=1.80~2.70, Fe≤1.50, B≤0.008,  Si≤1.00, Mn≤1.00, S≤0.015,Ni=remainder



Forms available  at A-one Alloy

Hot forged bar,  hot rolled bar, cold drawn bar, hot rolled plate, cold rolled plate/sheet,  strip, wire, fastener and ring.


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NIMONIC is aregistered trademark of Special Metals Corporation