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HiperCo27 is a new type of soft  magnetic alloy in China even it is already widely introduced by the inventor  Carpenter. A-one Alloy is among the several manufacturers who are able to  produce HiperCo27 products in China.

HiperCo27 is a better choice when the  fabrication is considered when HiperCo50 is somehow has better permeability  and coercive force—even the difference is not big. The magnetic saturation of  both alloys is nearly identical. And, Hiperco 27 does not exhibit the  brittleness of Hiperco 50.


High magnetic saturation

Good mechanical toughness

Good ductility

High saturation induction

High curie temperature: 925 °C


Motors, generators, pole pieces, relays and magnetic bearing.

Equal grade

UNS K92650, FeCo27

Nominal chemical composition

C=0.01, Mn=0.25, Si=0.25, Cr=0.60,  Ni=0.60, Co=27, Fe=remainderAl,  S17700制作低温或超低温用各位、                                                                                                  


ASTM A801 Standard Specification for  Wrought Iron-Cobalt High Magnetic Saturation Alloys (UNS R30005 and K92650)

Forms available from A-one Alloy

Cold rolled strip, hot rolled bar, hot  forged bar


Thickness 0.25mm&0.40mm of strip  in stock. 30 days for other products.

*HiperCo is a registered trade mark of Carpenter Technology Corporation