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Wiegand wire
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Wiegand wire

Wiegand sensor alloy wire - Speciallyprocessed, ferromagnetic wire would generate a sharp uniform voltage pulse whenpassed through alternating magnetic fields created by small permanent magnets.This technology was adapted to sensors and the wire is so-called Wiegand wire.

Wiegand wire is low-carbon Vicalloy, aferromagnetic alloy of cobalt, iron, and vanadium. Initially, the wire is fullyannealed. During manufacture, to give the wire its unique magnetic properties,it is subjected to a series of twisting and untwisting operations to cold-workthe outside shell of the wire while retaining a soft core within the wire, andthen the wire is aged. The result is that the magnetic coercivity of theoutside shell is much larger than that of the inner core. This high coercivityouter shell will retain an external magnetic field even when the field'soriginal source is removed.

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Size available:

Diameter 0.30mm&0.50mm

Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 100 meters.