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Brand: A-one Alloy
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316LVM (UNS S31673)


316LVM is a molybdenum-alloyed vacuum  arc-remeltedVAR stainless steel for the production of  both temporary and permanent implants. It is also introduced into body  piercing jewelry such as nose ring, eyebrow ring,and belly button ring and so on.

Characters  of 316LVM

l    High strength

l    High fatigue strength

l    Excellent micro cleanliness

l    Excellent structural homogeneity

l    High surface finish


l    Temporary and permanent implants

l    Body piercing jewelry

Equal  grades:

316LVM, ASTM F138, 00Cr18Ni14Mo3,DIN X 2 CrNiMo 18 15 3

Chemical composition  (%):

C0.030, Mn2.00,  Si0.75, P0.025, S0.010, N0.10, Cu0.50, Ni=13~15,  Cr=17.0~19.0, Mo=2.25~3.00, Fe=reminder


l    GB 4234-2003

l    Bar and wire: ASTM F138

l    ISO 5832-1

l    BS ISO 5832-1 (replaces BS 7252-1)

Product  range:

l    Cold drawn barΦ0.6~25mmtolerance±0.01~±0.1mm

l    High precision cold drawn bright barΦ0.6~20mmtoleranceH7~H9

l    Hot rolled barΦ14~75mmtolerance±0.15~±0.30mm

l    Cold rolled plateΦ1.0~6.5mmtolerance-0.15mm+0.1~0.25mm

l    Cold drawn wire(solution treated)Φ0.4~1.2mmtolerance±0.01~±0.02mm

Other products available per request.


Plenty of cold drawn bars in stock  from diameter 0.8mm to diameter 10mm. For orders the delivery is 3 weeks.